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Cashmere Scarves

Handmade & Handspun In Kashmir

Our luxury range of Mens cashmere scarves is hand-spun and hand-woven by the local artisans of Kashmir using 100% pure Pashmina wool. Pashmina, the best form of Cashmere is much lighter and warmer than the generic Cashmere. Since, all our scarves are completely hand-made, no two pieces are exactly the same.

"The making of the most simple pure Pashmina(cashmere) scarf can take a minimum of 30-days. The entire process of spinning fiber into yarn by hand, colouring the fiber using natural dyes and then finally weaving requires immense patience and skill."

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A Man Wearing Our Pure Cashmere Luxury Scarf
Mustard Green Cashmere Scarf Sale price£240.00
An Ivory Grey Pure Pashmina Cashmere Luxury Scarf
Ivory Grey Cashmere Scarf Sale price£240.00
Close View Of Natural Fibres Of Blue Pure Pashmina Cashmere Luxury Scarf
Blue Cashmere Scarf Sale price£240.00

"Luxury Is The Richness In Quality, Not Price."

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