Mens Jackets Designed For Comfort

Is Both Seasonal & Occasional

Made With Natural Fabrics

The temperate climate of Britain calls for outerwear like coats and jackets to be available the entire year round. Therefore, we create jackets suitable for every season due to the choice of the fabric used. Mostly, natural, raw, sustainable fabrics are sourced from within the Europe and used in the making of our Mens Jackets. In Summer, the use of 100% Linen is preferred whereas, in Winters different types of wool fabrics like the Tweed, Shetland, Lambswool, Merino etc. may be used. Organic waxed cotton is perfect for the Autumn when rainy days are expected.

100% Irish Linen - Green Colour
Pure Linen, Made In Ireland.
Waxed Organic Cotton
Waxed Organic Cotton, Made In England.

Casual But Smart Jackets

Comfort is one of the key factors while designing jackets for men. However, we always tend to add a unique element to every design that is the main feature of the clothing. This could be a raised collar or a crisp, sharp pockets or something as simple as the details of the stitching. These small details when combine with the colour and texture of the fabric, helps us to give our jackets both a Classic and Casual look thus, making them wearable both in formal parties or casual night outs.