Conceived in 2018, Our aim is to redefine the meaning of luxury in Menswear and align the future of fashion to focus on Craftsmanship and Sustainability.

Mens Slim Luxury Wallets - Deerskin Leather | Handmade In UK

M'Essentiel London stands for Mens Essentials, London.



The initial idea was a result of a realisation that most men's accessories are uninspiring and drab. There’s a void to fill; an opportunity to bring texture, color, craftsmanship to the modern refined man. Drawing innovation and inspiration where Western and Eastern art & culture intersect. Both our passion and business are driven by the set of guidelines that enable us to remain true to our values. Read about them in the section - "Our Guiding Principles".

From Our Founder

During my childhood days luxury was measured by its uniqueness and immeasurable skill of craftsmanship. Growing up near the foothills of the Himalayas and witnessing the art of Persian carpet making made me appreciate and realise that true quality can last generations and is all about preservation. Every piece told a story and no two pieces were identical, even if the design was the same.

Our Guiding Principles
Our Founder