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About Us

Conceived in 2018, M'Essentiel London was created to introduce more colour and texture to the modern man, but with primary focus on Craftsmanship and Sustainability.

A 4 Year Old Used Rustic Tan Deerskin Wallet With Rich Patina.

M'Essentiel London stands for Mens Essentials, London.

A portmanteau word
M = Mens;
Essentiel (french) = Essential



The initial idea was a result of a realisation that most Mens accessories are uninspiring and drab. There’s a void to fill; an opportunity to bring texture, colour, craftsmanship to the modern refined man.

Our founder was raised near the foothills of Kashmir Valley where he was introduced to the artisans that made and weaved their world renowned Kashmiri carpets. Learning that quality product made by people that have taken years to learn their skills will last a lifetime, this idea and belief was to stay with him and formed the very genesis of M’Essentiel London.

Picture: A Traditional Handwoven Kashmiri Carpet.

From Our Founder

During my childhood days luxury was measured by its uniqueness and immeasurable skill of craftsmanship. Growing up near the foothills of the Himalayas and witnessing the art of traditional carpet making made me appreciate and realise that true quality can last generations and is all about preservation. Every piece told a story and no two pieces were identical, even if the design was the same.

Our Values
Our Founder

Luxury Is Craftsmanship: Quality Over Quantity

Drawing inspiration where Western and Eastern art and culture intersect, today, we design accessories and clothes that are both modern yet elegant. Keeping true to our ethos, our production is done in small quantities and using natural raw materials thus, promoting sustainability.

Leather Factory Production Unit In Italy

M'Essentiel London works closely with various artisans across the world who are renown for their craftsmanship in specific areas, especially from the regions where the art originated and has its roots. All our products are made by skilled artisans in London, Florence and Kashmir. This ensures the highest standards of excellence are maintained. And our demand for perfection is met.

Kashmiri Artisan Weaving Pashmina Scarf At Home - Promote Cottage Industry.

Our Unisex Scarves are handspun and handwoven by the artisans of Kashmir using 100% Pure Cashmere Pashmina (under 16 microns) using traditional looms. This enables us to promote the centuries old cottage industry that has resisted the modern factories and is still fighting to preserve the art form.