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Why do we use Linen?

What is Linen?

Linen is a natural fabric made from the Flax plant. Flax is a flowering plant mostly grown in the parts of Europe and requires a temperate climate for its growth. The entire process of cultivation until the harvesting of the crop takes around a period of 100 days.

Dried Flax Plant Stems

An Eco-Friendly Fabric

Linen is an eco-friendly and sustainable fabric. The entire flax plant is used in the production of the fabric which means it does not leave any waste. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for an eco-friendly production. Being a natural fibre, it is lightweight, breathable and has temperature controlling properties. Thus, it can be worn all round the year. In Summer, it allows the heat to escape and in Winter, it helps to retain the heat. A linen fabric has anti-allergic properties, does absorb moisture and is extremely durable.

A Linen Fibre Yarn
Emblem Weavers - Irish Linen Producing Loom

Produced Locally

All the linen shirts produced by us are made using 100% Irish linen. Irish linen has fine and denser weave and relatively fewer slubs. It has a softer drape and feels extremely soft to the skin. Our linen is produced in Ireland in a loom that is run by a family that has been producing high-quality linen for over 50 years.